In order to fully satisfy various obligations as a result of the services we provide, in relation to buying and selling of tickets on our site and app, we may request that you provide some basic personal information in the course of registration or login to gain access to the use of such services, including: name, email address. This is to facilitate better service delivery, anticipate and resolve problems in relations to the use of our services, carry out surveys regarding our services, and generally develop the brand. We provide a secure framework to ensure that your personal information is not received or stolen by irrelevant third parties. However, during registration to get tickets for an event, some details provided may be made available to organizers of those events for which such tickets are purchased.

We also reserve the right to disclose such information in matters we are mandated by law to do so.

Specific to event organizers, we will also collect financial information, including: bank name, account number, account name, which may constitute personal information, essentially meant to secure and facilitate certain payment.